My Change Keeper

Saving for vacation, college tuition, or building your emergency savings fund has never been easier. With My Change Keeper, you can reach your savings goals over time. It’s easy to use, easy to track and My Change Keeper is a free add-on to any Unity Nationa Bank checking account.

Three Different Options


You Keep The Change

With every debit transaction, My Change Keeper automatically rounds up to the next whole dollar amount and transfers the difference.

Cost: $2.75
Charge: $3.00
Transferred: $0.25


Add a Buck (or a few)

You can set your account to round up to the next whole dollar amount plus throw in an additional dollar amount ranging from $1-$5.

Cost: $6.50
Additional: $1.00
Charge: $8.00
Transferred: $1.50


Per Transaction Amount

You can specify an additional dollar amount between $1 and $5 to save with every swipe instead of rounding up.

Cost: $20.25
Additional: $5.00
Charge: $25.25
Transferred: $5.00

Share the Change with Your Family

When you sign up for My Change Keeper you can choose to have the funds deposited evenly into multiple accounts, or directly into a family member’s account. We do ask that your name be on the designated accounts.

What you need to get started

You will need to have each of the following products in order to qualify for My Change Keeper.
1. Checking Account
2. Savings Account
3. Debit Card
Current Checking and Savings Account Customers
Download the My Change Keeper Enrollment Form

Terms and Conditions

When you enroll in our My Change Keeper savings service, we round up the amount of any Unity Nationa Bank Visa debit card purchase made by you or any Unity Nationa Bank Visa debit cardholder of your Checking Account to the next whole dollar amount in excess of the purchase price (plus any additional amount you selected), and transfer that amount from your Checking Account to the designated savings or checking account(s).

We aggregate the round up from purchases that post to your Checking Account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the business day. If on a business day you do not have sufficient available funds ($5 minimum balance) in your Checking Account, we do not round up purchases posted on that business day and we cancel the My Change Keeper transfer for that day.

If your Visa debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the corresponding My Change Keeper transfer will remain in the designated account(s). We may cancel the My Change Keeper transfer at any time. My Change Keeper is available only on Visa debit cards linked to your Unity Nationa Bank Checking Account indicated above.

If the Checking Account with My Change Keeper savings service is closed or all accounts receiving My Change Keeper transfers are closed, the My Change Keeper service will be canceled. You agree to notify the bank in writing if you wish to cancel the My Change Keeper savings service.